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Genres: Sci-Fi , Action
Actors: Natalia Fedner , Wayne Santoni , Scot Nery , Lorry O’Toole , Stephen Blackehart , Michele Boyd , Tim Abell , Robert Pike Daniel , Darin Cooper , Edward DeRuiter , Gerald Webb , Theresa June Tao , Dylan Vox , Kel Mitchell , Nia Peeples
Director: Mark Atkins
Country: United States
Year: 2011
IMDB Rating: 2.1/10 (2614 votes)

Film Review

I managed to sit through about 20 minutes of this total garbage. Fortunately, it was on TV, so I hadn't spent money on it – though it was so bad I actually object to the waste of electricity… Dire acting, amateurish CGI attempts, virtually no plot or characterisation. What a turkey… How on earth anyone could release this for general screening is totally beyond me, and the fact that it even made it to the cinema is quite unbelievable. Who on earth put up the money for this?… And then saw it through all the way to release? Surely at some point along the way someone in authority should have seen how dire it all was, and called a halt just for the sake of wasting no more money. It doesn't even get into the category – 'so bad it became funny'. Just plain awful…

The title of my review is actually a lie. I gave this a 2 because I much enjoyed criticizing and laughing at this "film" with my fiancé. I will admit that I started watching this after 15 minutes of the film had already passed, but NOTHING in that 15 minutes can justify or make up for the cluster-f$&k of massive awfulness. I'm not sure how, but it took me a good half hour to realize that one of the characters was indeed long forgotten Kel Mitchell from All That and Good Burger. When I did realize it I was gasping for air with all the laughing. The special effects actually DO leave you speechless, because they make no sense. The best scene is when the final trio of characters are sprinting to the alien ship, and while inside another alien aircraft tries to blast the ship, and you get to see the exact same pieces of debris flying a good 10 times or so. Oooo and the final scene where the ship is crashing….priceless. You get to see the samurai chick gain an eye-…

Battle of Los Angeles is set in Los Angeles & starts as as a two mile wide alien spaceship appears over the city, US military fighter jets are sent up to destroy it but their missiles are reprogrammed & used against the fighter jets. Hundreds of smaller spaceships launch from the mother ship & begin to destroy Los Angeles using their advanced alien weaponry, at a US air force base more fighter jets prepare to take-off but the base is attacked by the alien ships & mostly destroyed. During the attack an old US World War II plane lands & Captain Pete Rodgers (Dylan Vox) gets out, it seems he was abducted by the aliens during 1942 & he potentially holds the key to defeating them. Captain Karla Smaith (Nia Peeples) manages to locate Rodgers & takes him deep underground into a secret base where a plan to try & save mankind is devised…Edited, photographed, written & directed by Mark Atkins this is yet another 'Mockbuster' from The Asyl…

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