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Genres: Comedy , Romance
Actors: Luke Wilson , Alicia Witt , Amy Locane , Brittany Murphy , Jack Black , Andy Dick , Jeremy Sisto , Jamie Kennedy , Scott Caan , Christian J. Meoli , George Kuchar , Patricia Wettig , Michael Artura , Scott Anthony Ferguson , Kyle Gass
Director: Richard Sears
Country: United States
Year: 1997
IMDB Rating: 4.9/10 (2366 votes)

David is an aspiring artist and a pot dealer, and he falls in love with constantly smoking Serena. Serena gets jealous and goes off to New York with heroin-addicted Tommy, and David wants her back.

Film Review

The title notwithstanding, this drug-laden laugh trip is more Reality Bites than Up in Smoke. David (a sweetly earnest Wilson) is a pot dealer with half-baked ambitions of becoming an artist; Serena (Witt)is his nuttily domineering love interest. Though the pair's lack of real chemistry makes the cuddly ending feel tacked on, the hysterical drug-buddy performances of Brittany Murphy, Andy Dick, and Jack Black really make this joint roll. This isn't a fast-paced broad comedy, it requires some patience. You gotta sit back, and let it envelop you. Let life slow down and enjoy the quirkiness and absurdity of the plot and characters.

Bongwater, although its title misleads many people to think of it as a stoner film, is a solid drama/comedy title in the vein of films like Drugstore Cowboy, an 80's film featuring Matt Dillon, or Trainspotting, except with less drug use and more sexual promiscuity – Bongwater, in short, is not a drug-centric movie. However, it is interesting because of its cast. Its obviously bare-bones script requires careful acting from its stars to give it a little extra life. Overall, maybe not enough of that extra energy is awarded to the by-the-rules directing style, but ultimately, what comes out is a solid, engaging flick, worth watching all the way through.

****Possible Spoilers**** Movie is all over the place, chilling just watching tube with a bunch of stoners, acid trip in the woods with some hardcore crunchers, an acquaintance rape in NYC at a shishi euro-party, an absurd art show, gay porn…by the end your apt to have forgotten a lot of what happened in the beginning. If you do remember, you might ask what was the point? Its focuses on the life and times of a pot dealer and his harmless crew, in Portland Oregon. And there’s really not much else to say about the plot. Its how a stoner might find true love perhaps? But I found it engaging, completely non-cohesive, but in the end, damn entertaining. In fact, I’ve re-watched it more than once now, because I find some of the scenes and lines absolutely hilarious. Alicia Witt and Amy Locane are hot, and Wilson is an extremely likeable lead. On the nay side, Britany Murphy I cant take. She’s only acting, I know, and she’s playing a real annoying and unlikable character, but its her I al…

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